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Our audio engineers are precise and well knowledged in  the field of processing audio. We are a bay area based collective that specializes  in music production . Your mixes are safe with us and will be returned sounding better than you imagined. 


Our team of professional audio engineers fully believe in providing you with a high quality, hassle free service. We will get any track you send us back  within 72 hours, with up to 3 free revisions and quick and easy support for any worries, questions or qualms you may have.

The SSL Fusion uses classic dynamics processing tools in a new way to create more color, more character, and more cohesion in your stereo stems and mixes to release the tremendous sonic energy inherent in your stereo signals.

*SSL Fusion* New!

Check out our recent works below which range from mix and mastered songs, instrumentals and beats uploaded to industry leading platforms such as apple music, spotify and traktrain.

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